About Opportunities, Inc.

Our History

Opportunities Inc. (formerly Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc.) was founded in 1964 by a group of concerned parents that were interested in creating meaningful work opportunities for their children.

For three decades, the organization accomplished this mission by establishing a reputation in the business community for being the go-to for all types of handwork projects such as collating, folding and labeling. The purpose of these contracts was to give adults with disabilities the opportunity to gain marketable skills and the opportunity to practice professionalism, social skills and time management—all in a supervised, facility-based setting.

In 2014, the Home and Community Based Settings Final Rule was implemented. This regulation changed the trajectory and landscape of our services, by challenging us to conduct these services in community-integrated settings and to think beyond the walls of our facility. Our renewed focus to help individuals obtain competitive, paid employment, prompted us to change our name to Opportunities, Inc.

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Our Mission

Opportunities, Inc. will provide excellence in vocational, social and adaptive skill development to help adults with disabilities achieve their fullest potential for independence and self-confidence.

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Our Vision

All people with disabilities will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful employment opportunities and be fully contributing members of their communities.