Programs & Services for Individuals

An Individualized Plan

All of our programs and services are centered around participants’ needs and interests.

An Individualized Person-Centered Plan is designed to ensure every person successfully reaches their desired goals and full potential. Our diverse programs and services are intentionally built to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to live as independently as possible and experience community inclusion. Examples include:

  • Navigate one’s neighborhood independently
  • Making social connections
  • Learning vocational skills to enhance employment competencies
  • Finding a job
  • Learning how to carry out basic math problems
  • Building confidence and so much more

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Experiencing Communities and Making Connections

We provide support to the individuals in our services so they can fully experience, navigate, and be actively engaged in the communities they belong to.

Together we learn about surroundings and logistics. We pinpoint volunteer opportunities or social events to practice useful social and work skills. We identify potential obstacles to inclusion and brainstorm ways to overcome these. Through carefully designed activities our guests practice social, life, and self-advocacy skills. Our staff organizes games, arts and crafts, exercise sessions, structured lessons that engage individuals in social opportunities or real-life scenarios. We collaborate to improve the lives of our patrons and facilitate their inclusion in everyday routines and interactions.

community program

Community Development

Inclusive community-based experiences that allow our participants to access and engage in activities based on their interests and preferences as carefully identified in their person-centered plan. These services all focus on creating connections with other people in their chosen community while learning, practicing and maintaining skills to support independence and promote positive growth.

Self-advocacy, social, logistical, and employment skills through volunteering, internships or participation in local community events are just some areas of focus that help our members reach their goals.

day habilitation

Day Habilitation

The Day Habilitation program offers regularly scheduled meaningful activities and formal lessons that focus on developing and maintaining skills that support daily living, employment and socialization.

Our Day Habilitation program is structured around each Individualized Person-Centered Plan and services often evolve together with each individual’s unique needs, interests and circumstances. Our patron’s goals are always at the heart of what we do to support greater independence and personal choice.

virtual services

Virtual Services

We believe in making our services as accessible and as diversified as possible. COVID-19 has transformed the way we do things every day and we have evolved to provide constant opportunities for our participants.

In order to reach those who are unable to travel to us or would like to occasionally enjoy a day at home while staying active and connected, we offer a wide array of virtual activities. Virtual classes run every day and are yet another option our participants can take advantage of to work on activities of their choice. The events calendar is published online and is regularly updated with new and relevant offerings all of our participants can enjoy.

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Experiencing the World of Employment

We know that employment is more than a job, it’s the opportunity to participate and contribute to a community.

Our employment services are based on the core belief that adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities possess unique skills and capabilities that make them positive contributing members of our workforce. No matter the starting point, our staff is ready to work side-by-side with participants to empower them and to increase successful employment outcomes and achieve their professional goals.



We work together to zero in on talents and preferences and design a plan of action.


Ongoing Job Support

We help retain employment through job coaching, and training needed to complete basic job-related tasks.


Self-Employment Development Support

We help develop a business and marketing plan and assist in all aspects of launching a business.


Supported Employment

Our employment specialists assist in as many phases of the job seeking process as needed.

job development

Job Development

We help pinpoint employment options through a customized or self-employment approach.


Follow Along Support

We support you while on the job.


Co-worker Employment Support

We identify person-to-person on the job help.


Career Exploration

At specific scheduled times, we teach skills that increase chances of competitive integrated employment.

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Our Mission

Advocate for, empower and support full inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Our Vision

We envision inclusive communities where all are empowered to reach their full potential.