Programs & Services for Transitioning Youth

Support for Transitioning Youth

Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities transitioning from school to adult services, referred to as transitioning youth, face significant shifts in their established daily routines and support systems.

Being aware of next steps, eligibility criteria, procedures and of available services that will best cater to the specific needs, interests and goals of each individual is fundamental for a successful transition.

Opportunities, Inc. supports transitioning youth with a full array of services. Once contacted by the individual’s caregivers, guardians or CCS, our staff members will carefully assess the transitioning youth’s needs and expectations. A trial is scheduled to allow the individual to fully experience our services before a final commitment is made.

Our outreach program includes partnerships with county school systems to engage with parents and students, participation at Transitioning Youth fairs, offering group informational sessions, and meetings with families to provide detailed information on services available.

Learn how our programs and services can serve transitioning youth into adult care.

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The Onboarding Process

Opportunities, Inc. recognizes that the process of transitioning from a school-based entitlement program to an eligibility-based adult service program can be confusing.

We want to help people, interested in our services, understand the process as much as possible. The most important piece to remember, regarding locating a service provider, is that both you and the provider have to agree that the services will benefit the individual.

We have laid out our referral/onboarding process to help students and parents understand how to connect with our services.

At any step in this process, Opportunities, Inc. staff may determine that we are not an appropriate service provider, based on the needs of the person. In the event that Opportunities, Inc. is unable to meet the needs of the prospective participant, we will provide resources related to other agencies that may be better suited to provide services.


An individual, their caregiver, guardian, or their Coordinator of Community Services (CCS) makes contact with Opportunities, Inc. to express interest, or information about services.


After the initial contact, Opportunities, Inc. will request a completed admissions application, copy of most recent psychological evaluation, IEP and Student Profile (if applicable).


Once documentation is received and reviewed, Opportunities, Inc. will reach out to schedule an intake meeting with the individual and their caregiver(s), CCS, and/or teacher(s) at a location of the person’s choosing.


The intake meeting is an exploratory process during which both parties gather information. We will survey for interests, needs, strengths and preferences and the potential participant will be able to inquire about our services and processes to ensure their goals can be met.


After a full review of the individual, Opportunities, Inc. notifies the individual and their caregiver of acceptance into Opportunities, Inc. or notifies them that the agency would not be a good fit to meet the individual’s needs. While we would like to support all those interested, we do want to ensure that every person enrolled in our services is offered the best possible experiences and opportunities for success in reaching their full potential.


If the individual decides to request services from Opportunities, Inc., the Program Director will present the individual to the Admission Reviews and Discharges (ARD) committee and provide all relevant information regarding the needs of the person. The ARD committee will then determine if the agency is able to provide services and support the individual’s requirements.

Opportunities, Inc. supports transitioning youth into adult services.

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