Programs & Services for Business and Community Partnerships

Common Goals that Lead to Positive Change

We believe continued, impactful partnerships are key to achieving our mission.

Therefore, at Opportunities, Inc. we work with and alongside other experts to make a difference. We partner with different types of provider groups, organizations and communities to offer individuals with I/DD key information and opportunities to enhance their life-skills and self-sufficiency through professional experiences.

Who our partnering programs & services support

  • Businesses and employers looking for hard-working employees
  • Community organizations with the mission to support adults with disabilities
  • Agencies and groups who strive to improve access and opportunities for our participants

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Supporting Businesses

We work with a large group of employers who benefit from a collaborative professional relationship as they acquire hard-working, responsible employees.

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Supporting Community Partners

We build strong partnerships with community partners that share our same goals and work together with us to enable the success of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Maryland Deptartment of Health, Transition Work Group
DORS, Montgomery County, Prince George's County

Provider Agencies and Partnering Groups

We proactively engage with providers and agencies to render an integrated and collaborative approach to employment services as a way to lower barriers and improve access to professional opportunities for all.

Together, we engage in offering a broad spectrum of services so each individual receives personalized support. Opportunities, Inc. connects with fellow agencies to advocate for and coordinate support to pave the way for well rounded professional experiences for all individuals.

community partnerships

Opportunities, Inc. supports businesses & community partners.

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