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Our Employment Program matches skilled, qualified individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) with businesses seeking enthusiastic and dedicated employees.

Through our program, Opportunities, Inc. works to develop partnerships with employers where people in services work, or want to work. Our Employment Specialists provide assistance throughout the application process and, after a job is obtained, will provide ongoing support to both employee and employer.

A motivated and high-performing talent pool

Successful companies know that hiring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is an effective way to find qualified talent.

By opening your company’s outreach to candidates with I/DD, you can reach untapped talent, show your commitment to inclusion, and bring diverse new perspectives to your team. Opportunities, Inc. helps build strong professional relationships which lead to mutual successful outcomes.

Learn how our programs and services can serve employers.

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The Employer Benefits

Why hire a person with intellectual developmental disabilities

loyal icon

Companies gain loyal employees

Resilient work ethics and positive attitudes are instilled into the entire team. The work environment becomes more inclusive and customers who frequent businesses making these hiring decisions report higher levels of satisfaction.

functional requirements icon

Meeting functional requirements

Hiring a person with I/DDs means filling in professional gaps with well trained and highly committed individuals.

long term benefits

Long term benefits

Employees with an I/DD are reliable, punctual and dedicated professionals highly invested in building their careers. They contribute to stability and low turnover.

champion of inclusion

Champions of inclusive culture

By spreading awareness and recognizing the contributions that all of us can bring to the workplace, companies can champion significant diversity goals

improved productivity

Improved productivity

When companies value inclusivity and support ability awareness, they create a positive work environment which results in enhanced productivity and services

tax incentives

Tax incentives

Employers are able to obtain tax credits for hiring individuals with disabilities. Opportunities, Inc. helps you to identify those credits to help your business grow.

Expert Support and Solid Partnerships

Opportunities, Inc. partners with area businesses to offer expert assistance throughout and beyond all steps of the recruiting process of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. See these benefits below.

customed employment process

A proven customized employment process

Through a careful needs assessment process, employers are able to describe their specific needs and we provide paths that align these with excellent candidates.

continued support

Continued support

New employees receive on the job support in the form of training, coaching, skills development to ensure success.

open channels of communication

Open channels of communication

We make every possible effort to encourage open ongoing communication with our business partners in order to consistently improve relationships and experiences for all stakeholders.

value diversity

Highlighting businesses that value inclusion and diversity

Employers who value and foster a diverse workforce and strive to create an inclusive professional environment are recognized through Opportunities, Inc.’s communication efforts.

Opportunities, Inc. supports employers like you.

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