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Supported Employment

This program provides job development and job coaching to individuals that want to obtain competitive employment. Individuals that receive these services work with an employment specialist to determine their unique interests and strengths as well as their challenges and growth opportunities. This informs the job development process and helps increase the likelihood that job placements will be successful. Once a job placement is secured, the employment specialist provides follow along job coaching which consists of drop-in supports and employment counseling as needed. Individuals who are successful in this program are motivated to work and are flexible working in various types of environments.
Customized Employment

This program provides a customized approach to employment for individuals that want more support on their path to competitive employment. This approach works well for individuals that have a high level of specificity in the type of environment they want or need to work in. This approach uses a process called discovery to uncover the strengths, interests, needs and ideal work conditions of the job seeker. These attributes are utilized to find an ideal match between the job seeker and a community employer. The customized approach is an intensive process that involves discovering who the person is and then identifying businesses that have a need for that person’s unique capabilities.
Community Exploration

This program helps set individuals on the path to employment through participation in a variety of community learning activities that increase marketable and adaptive skills. Individuals in CEP volunteer at a number of community-based sites throughout the Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. Individuals in CEP play an active role in developing their own volunteer schedule. Recreational activities are also included in the schedule on a regular basis and include fitness, art and museum visits.

These programs help individuals develop marketable skills through classroom instruction and safety skill development. Recreational activities are also included. Pre-employment takes place in a facility-based setting.

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