Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation Program

Focus on acquiring and practicing skills that aid in day-to-day activities, job performance, and social interactions in both small and large group settings.

Small groups include 2-5 participants and focus on community-based integration activities. Large groups comprise 6-10 individuals and will prioritize facility-based skill building to best prepare participants for future implementation in community settings.

The design of group activities takes into consideration the highest likelihood of achieving successful outcomes, and is adjusted according to the ratio of staff to participants. Participants in smaller groups may also be grouped with peers with similar goals and interests.

Activities are based on building and practicing basic life skills and those necessary for successful and independent inclusion within one’s community. These can range from practicing math and reading, personal finances and money management, and organizational skills. Participants will learn about and engage in social skills development activities, such as communicating effectively, independent decision-making, problem solving, and self advocacy.

While small group services will include some facility-based activities, traveling throughout the community to engage in real-life situations will be the main focus for this group. Individuals will have the opportunities to volunteer, practice community safety, engage in travel training, visit community employers to learn about jobs, enroll in community based classes offered through community colleges or other local entities, and practice self-advocacy.

People are able to switch between large and small groups throughout the day based on available activities. Each week, scheduled options are presented to all participants who are also given the opportunity to provide input for future activities.

At Opportunities Inc., skill building activities which support independent living are at the core of these services. Whether in small or large group settings, individuals are also able to practice these skills while interacting with their peers in fun recreational activities such as bowling, trips to the movies, minigolf, visiting museums and amusement parks, county fairs, and enjoying outdoor time playing games or going on hikes.

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