Shift Newsletter January 2018

This quarter, Opportunities, Inc. is increasing its focus on staff training. As a recipient of the Transforming and Improving Practices through Customized Technical Assistance (TIP) grant, Opportunities, Inc. is receiving technical assistance from Corey Smith, a senior Griffin-Hammis consultant with expertise in customized employment services and organizational transformation.

Corey is working with Opportunities, Inc. to help build capacity in the area of supported employment. In addition, Opportunities, Inc. has partnered with Greenland & Associates to deliver the “Leading through Coaching” training. This training teaches staff how to empower participants and peers through a positive coaching communication style. These partnerships are designed to equip Opportunities, Inc. staff with the tools necessary to make the shift to providing more community-based day services.

Staff training will continue to be an important part of the change process as we shift the focus of our services. Learning new skills and building upon existing ones is proving to be challenging and rewarding. I am very excited about these training opportunities and the progress Opportunities, Inc. has made this quarter. I hope you enjoy this issue of Shift.

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