Shift Newsletter July 2017

As the summer season moved into full swing, Opportunities, Inc. also picked up momentum in its efforts to develop new employment and learning opportunities for Opportunities, Inc. participants. Several participants went on job interviews this past quarter and 3 achieved employment. We have added several new volunteer placements, many of them representing potential opportunities for employment. Additionally, we have increased the number of participants that are engaging in community – based services each week and have established community partnerships that are invested in providing training opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that every participant has an understanding of the options available to them and to provide ways for those options to be explored.

Opportunities, Inc. is still at the very beginning of this new journey. The Board of Directors and Opportunities, Inc.’s employees are dedicated to building a solid bridge between Opportunities, Inc.’s rich past and its bright future by ensuring that the core values and guiding principles that shaped Opportunities, Inc. remain intact. As we shift, we will continue to use these principles to guide the development of our programs and our decisions concerning daily operations. I hope you enjoy this issue which highlights some of the accomplishments and impactful moments of the last quarter.

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