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We help you achieve your vocational goals through our person-centered services. In this process, we seek to develop a partnership with you and your loved ones, enabling us to work together to meet your unique needs. That means our services are about you!

Our Services

Supported Employment Program

Supported Employment Services

We provide you with job development, job placement and job coaching services. These services work well when individuals are motivated to work and are flexible about the type of work they will do. Individuals in traditional SEP are trained to be independent in travel and in reporting to their work site. Job coaching fades to drop in supports once a job is secured.

Customized Employment Program

Customized Employment Services

We provide you with a more intensive, in-depth approach to finding a job. This approach works well for individuals that have more challenges to traditional job placement. This process begins with discovering what the individual loves and the areas in which they excel. Once the employment specialist has discovered the individual’s personal genius, the quest begins to find an employer that matches well with the individual’s unique set of interests, skills, and talents.

Community Exploration Program

Community Exploration and Pre-Employment Services

We provide you with a variety of community-based and center-based learning experiences. These experiences are designed to expose the individual to the skills needed in competitive employment. Activities in this program include volunteerism, work skills training, resume writing and career exploration.

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Our Mission

Advocate for, empower and support full inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Our Vision

We envision inclusive communities where all are empowered to reach their full potential.