Shift Newsletter January 2019

With the promise of spring in the air (at long last), I am thinking about Opp, Inc.’s growth and the fruit we plan to see from the investments we have made over the past year. One of those investments is staff training. Several of our staff have been trained in the customized employment process. This process is technical and consists of various steps that aim to discover the personal genius of each individual. The process also involves learning about the business community in order to find ideal work conditions for our participants.

The Germantown site started a “discovery” group, where participants explore the business community with staff. The participants are coached by staff to advocate for their interests with managers and business owners. We have received a lot of positive feedback about this group and hope to add more “discovery” groups in the future. I am excited about what the spring will bring as we continue to put new skills into practice. I hope you enjoy this issue of Shift.

Click here to read about it and more in the January 2019 edition of the Shift Newsletter.

~Tenille Ademiluyi, Executive Director

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